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Bracelet the Glory of the Family

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FeaturesMetal Gold | 18 Ct| 40.08 Gr Stone Rhodolite | 1 pcs | 0.83 Ct. | Round Peridot | 1 pcs | 0.60 Ct. | Round Amethyst | 1 pcs | 0.45 Ct. | Round Quartz | 1 pcs | 0.35 Ct. | Round Pearl | 24 pcs | 0.38 Gr.| Round

King Tamar, the Monarch of integrated Georgia, was named as «The King of Kings and the Queen of Queens of Abkhaz, Georgians, Rans, Kakhs and Armenians, Shirvans and Shakansh and Lord of the entire East and West, greatness of the universe and faith, messenger of Messiah.” Georgians call the period of her reigning «Golden Era». During this period towns, citadels, churches, monasteries, bridges were being built, books were being translated, churches were being painted and icons pounced. During the reign of King Tamar Georgia was the richest and most powerful country in the Caucasus. Grandeur of the woman-leader, her purposefulness and the epoch, founded by the King Tamar, served as the inspiration for the represented collection.

We have selected three important stages of Tamar's life as inspiration:

Glory of the name tells the story of the early reign of Queen Tamar, her history as a worthy descendant of the Bagrationi dynasty.

Basiani was inspired by the moments when Queen Tamar blesses the Georgian army prepared for the battle of Basiani.

The Title is inspired by the Golden Age coin, which is an important indicator of the greatness of the era.

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