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King Tamar

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A ruling, purposeful woman as a source of inspiration

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King Tamar Gold Cross with agates rhodolits and pearls
5930₾ 8230₾
Ring the Title
Ring the Title
Earrings the Title
Earrings the Title
Bracelet the Glory of the Family
21470₾ Pre-order
Bracelet The Battle of Basiani
24340₾ Pre-order
Necklace the glory of the family
39430₾ Pre-order
Ring the Glory of the Family
10100₾ Pre-order
Earrings the Glory of the Family
11270₾ Pre-order
Earrings the Battle of Basiani
9000₾ Pre-order
Ring the battle of Basiani
12110₾ Pre-order
Necklace the Title
16480₾ Pre-order
King Tamar Cross
11490₾ Pre-order

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